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Modified MV Agusta F4 at Alexandra Palace


EVEN in standard form, MV Agusta's F4S is enough to make most riders drool - but that's not enough for some people.

One of the country's top tuners - QB Carbon - unveiled a highly modified MV at the MCN Ally Pally Show last weekend, and crowd reaction suggested it was a masterpiece.
QB managed to get hold of some components from MV's exclusive "Serie Oro" version to make its F4 a bit special.

QB Carbon Mv Agusta F4

MV only built 200 F4 Oros, and most of them were given away to the rich and famous - owners include the likes of Formula One driver Eddie Irvine. To get your hands on one now, you'd have to fork out more than £20,000 - if you could persuade anyone to sell. So QB's interpretation is the closest most mere mortals are ever likely to get.

Oros are distinguished from the standard F4Ss by their gold coloured magnesium wheels - which the QB machine shares. These are far lighter than the standard aluminium items and look like a million dollars - well, £1200 to be precise.

QB built race bodywork for many teams in British superbikes so it's no surprise to see the MV's fairing and seat unit are made of carbon.

Free-flowing larger air intake tubes and an expanded airbox allow more air into the engine - boosting power.

In its quest for extra power, QB opened up the standard exhaust and cut out the baffles that help the stock bike pass tough European noise emissions tests. QB has no power figures, but Merrill claims removing the baffles and adding the larger airbox has made a big difference to the motor's responses.

A fender on the back of the carbon-fibre mudguard directs air over the radiator and into the airbox, helping cool the bike as well as forcing extra air into the engine.